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01. Must be at least15 or over. Unless you think you are so awesome that you could make it in regardless of age.
02. You may NOT comment on any other application other than your own.
03. You have two days to post your application after you join the community.
04. Don't start fights with the Mods or Members.
05. Put the subject as "baby we go together like fashion and guns" So we know you read the damn rules.
06. ALWAYS use an LJ cut. <*lj-cut text="Insert Text Here"*> Take out the stars.
07. Make your application somewhat interesting. Boring=bad.
08. Your application will be stamped when I get to the Damn thing. Remember, I DO have a life outside LJ!!!! Don't be impatient
09. Make sure your pic is EXACTLY 100x100. It's a bitch to resize them.
010. If you get REJECTED remove yourself from my fucking community!!!!!!!
011. Last but not least,Have fun.

01. When voting, please put yes' or 'no' in the subject line. It makes it easier on everyones life.
02. Promote! Promote! Promote! Need I say more?
03. If you want to promote a community, Get permission from the MOD first!!! If I see your promo and I didn't approve, It WILL get deleted. Contact me by leaving a comment on my journal or email me.
04. Stay Active. We don't want a dead community.
05. Give reasons why you voted the way you did. Even if the reason is lame!

First 10 Applicants Will Be Auto Accepted. But must still fill out survey!!!

Basic Shit.

07.Favorite Band(s):
08.Favorite Movies):
09.Favorite T.V.Show(s):
010.Favorite Quote (not from a song) and Why:
011.Favorite Lyric and Why:

012. Promote this community to TWO journals, not including your own. (post a link, it's not that hard. I WILL check it.):
013. Why should we accept you?
014. How did you hear about us?

[Post at least 3 CLEAR pictures of your face. You may post more If you'd like.]
[ALSO, post a 100x100 picture for the members page]**If you DONOT know how to resize your pics, I'll be happy to do so for you. Just let me now which one you would like as your 100x100 pic.

aim: oohambulance
email: adiscobloodbath @ livejournal.com




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