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baby we go together like fashion & guns

My Aplicationy Thing
01.Name: Jenni
02.Age: 17ish
03.Location: ozzy
04.Sex: female
05.Boyfriend?Girlfriend?: nope : (
06:Occupation: nah i quit my job my manager was evil

07.Favorite Band(s):Jamisonparker, HIM, Alice Cooper, The Blood Brothers, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones the list goes on but ill stop now...

08.Favorite Movies):clockwork orange, waynes world, the fox and the hound*blushes and looks at shoes*

09.Favorite T.V.Show(s):there is no good shows on none pay T.V. eccept the occasional rage up-late(music show)

010.Favorite Quote (not from a song) and Why: fucking hardcores, the hardcores in my area are really mean so anything that goes wrong i simply blame them eg . the bus is late FUCKING HARD CORES

011.Favorite Lyric and Why: smashing pumpkins - zero - emptyness is lonelyness and lonleyness is Cleanliness and Cleanliness is godlyness and god is empty just like me i dont know why really i guess there just lyrics that stay in your head.

012. Promote this community to TWO journals, not including your own.

013. Why should we accept you? because errr i love you and your community seems cool

014. How did you hear about us?i typed bang into seach intrests and saw this one and thought it may be interesting
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^^^my and my smexy tophat^^^
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
^^^my friend captured my look of disgust and disbelief when her mum pretended to eat fishing bait yuk^^^
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^^^really bad quality infact i dont even remember where this photo came from i just found it^^^

My 100x100 pic
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