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baby we go together like fashion and guns

Basic Shit.
01.Name: Jessica.
02.Age: I'm going to be 15 in October, does that count?
03.Location: Cananda.
04.Sex: Female.
05.Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: Nope.
06:Occupation: Student.

07.Favorite Band(s): Senses Fail, TBS, MCR, The Vanity, The Used, Oasis, The Bealtes, The Goo Goo Dolls, Sense Field, Fall out boy, ect..
08.Favorite Movies): I love movies so I pertty much like every one... Center Stage, The Interpeteror, TNBC, My Bestfriends Wedding, Bewitched, Alfie, Bring it On, Blue Crush, Cold Montain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Grease, Runaway Bride, Benny and joon, ect..
09.Favorite T.V.Show(s): CSI, The Oc, One Tree Hill, Friends, Family Guy, Big Brother, ect...
010.Favorite Quote (not from a song) and Why: "Different People change the Worlds and people who are the same keep it the same" I don't know where I heard this but I think it's so true. I think that people should be unique and themselves becuase who wants things to stay the same forever.
011.Favorite Lyric and Why: "Maybe your just crazy too, crazy like me, maybe i'm just crazy" -The Vacancy. I love this lyric becuase it has a lot of different messages I think, like that you are insane, which I am. That you arn't always different from people as you think or that maybe your just extrodinary. :D
012. Promote this community to TWO journals, not including your own. (post a link, it's not that hard. I WILL check it.):
013. Why should we accept you? This is a hard question to answer since I am pretty dull. Just add me becuase I can pretend to be cool and the more the better :)
014. How did you hear about us? I was just searching around and came across this.

[Post at least 3 CLEAR pictures of your face. You may post more If you'd like.]

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[ALSO, post a 100x100 picture for the members page]**If you DONOT know how to resize your pics, I'll be happy to do so for you. Just let me now which one you would like as your 100x100 pic

Bang... My 100x100 Pictttture!
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If your faces needs to be clear...
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