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Basic Shit.
01.Name: Leah
02.Age: 15
03.Location: Good ol' Midland, Tx
04.Sex: I'ma girl
05.Boyfriend?Girlfriend?: yes <3
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06:Occupation: nope.. school?

07.Favorite Band(s): My Chemical Romance, Underoath, Atreyu, Blood Brothers, From First to Last, Hawthorne Heights<3, Bright Eyes, Fall Out Boy, and Death Cab (Lots more though)
08.Favorite Movies): Cruel Intentions<333
09.Favorite T.V.Show(s): Law and Order + CSI
010.Favorite Quote (not from a song) and Why: "...make my tears fall from my eyes instead of from my skin..."
011.Favorite Lyric and Why: "And when everythings made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am" I've just always loved it.

012. Promote this community to TWO journals, not including your own. (post a link, it's not that hard. I WILL check it.):
013. Why should we accept you? Because i'm cool and if you don't think so too bad.
014. How did you hear about us? I saw the link in some community

[Post at least 3 CLEAR pictures of your face. You may post more If you'd like.]
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
[ALSO, post a 100x100 picture for the members page]**If you DONOT know how to resize your pics, I'll be happy to do so for you. Just let me now which one you would like as your 100x100 pic.
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